Where is Mundaka?

Mundaka is a Basque town on the coast of Bizkaia (Baskland) located between Gernika and Bermeo, with Bermeo to the North and Sukarrieta to the South.

How do I get to Mundaka?

By road, you can take the BI-2235 which goes through Gernika from the N-634 or from the A8 motorway. Alternatively, you can also arrive via Bermeo on the BI-631 from Mungia.
Mundaka is also accessible from Bilbao by EuskoTren on the Bermeo line, from either the Atxuri Station, or Bolueta Station which links with Metro Bilbao.
Finally, another option for getting to Mundaka is by Bizkaibus, which leaves from Hurtado de Amezaga Street, near Abando Train Station in Bilbao.
How can I join the competition?

Registration is only possible online and on this website.
Where is the Mundaka Tourist Office?

The Mundaka Tourist Office is located at the rear of the Town Council building, on the corner closest to the Port of Mundaka.
How will I know who the winners are?

The winners’ names shall be announced on this website and on the Mundaka Town Council website. Furthermore, the winners shall be notified by all means possible with at least three days notice before the awards ceremony.
If I were to win, do I have to receive my prize in person?

Yes. Any contest winners who do not attend the awards ceremony shall lose their right to a prize.
Where exactly must I catch tubes for the videos?

Qualifying videos for the championship must be recorded within the “Mundaka sandbar”, close to the left bank of the estuary and the Mundaka coastline, which also happens to be the best place to surf.
Where exactly is the “Mundaka sandbar”?

The “sandbar” is considered to be the area between the mouth of the estuary, which is slightly ahead of the entrance to the Port of Mundaka, and the area of Txorrokopunta, demarcated to the South by Laidatxu beach.
How can I sign up?

You can register online from anywhere you want. Additionally, in order to make things easier during your registration process and subsequent site management for the purposes of the contest, you can use the PC with internet connection in the Mundaka Tourist Offic. This dedicated PC is for you, and all other participants, to register, upload videos and generally manage your microsite.
How many categories are there?

There is only one category. All participants shall compete on an equal basis, regardless of age or gender.
How many videos can I upload?

Each participant can upload a maximum of five videos.
What is the maximum length of each video?

The videos must not be longer than 60 seconds each.
Can I delete a video I don’t like, or replace it with a better one later on?

Yes. No matter whether you’ve already uploaded any videos, you can substitute any one of them, since each participant can manage their website by using their user name and password.
Can I change team partner at any time?

Each surfer can only participate with one camera operator, but camera operators can participate with more than one surfer.
What dates can surf recording begin and how long will the contest run for?

You can register as of 24th October, 2012, and all videos must be uploaded by midnight of 6th January 2013.
What can I write on the home page of my microsite?

You are free to write whatever you want (CV, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc…), except for any insulting or offensive comments or remarks, or any discriminatory or immoral ideas, none of which are permitted.
How to enroll?

The teacher will carry out the entry of the whole class, by internet, from any place. They must fill in all the information of the educational institution and of the class as well as upload each of their students’ drawings.
The teacher will have to carry out one entry per class by means of the on-line application which has been empowered for this purpose in the website www.mundakatubes.biz. Like this they will open an account.
Subsequently, they will be able to upload one by one all the boys’ and girls’ drawings, either scanned or made with any other digital aids (even digital photography) , to the mentioned account (also called “microsite”).

How many categories of contests are there?

There are four categories:
  1. Students between year 1 and year 3 of primary (both included) of Mundaka Primary Teaching School.
  2. Students between year 4 and year 6 of primary (both included) of Mundaka Primary Teaching School.
  3. Students between year 1 and year 3 of primary (both included) of any other Education Centre in Bizakia.
  4. Students between year 4 and year 6 of primary (both included) of any other Education Centre in Bizakia.

How many drawings can be uploaded?

Each student will be able to take part with just one drawing.
When can the drawings start to be uploaded to this website and until when?

From 10th December 2012, all participants will be able to enroll after this date. In any case, they have to enroll and upload the drawings before 13th January 2012 at 0:00
What can be written in the introduction of the microsite of each course?

Whatever each team taking part wish (the information of the educational centre, a class description, a greeting…) always taking into account that no swearings, offences, discriminatory or inmoral terms or ideas will be admitted…
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